Indian Restaurant in Barcelona

Fine Indian cuisine in the Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona

To discover Sindur is to renew your body and soul with a colorful symphony of flavors and aromas. To be surprised by the wealth of a civilization that merges the past with the future. Our downtown restaurant with its intimate and singular style complemented by gracious service and an elegant atmosphere, offers an evocative framework for discovering fine indian cuisine.

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History tells us that Christopher Columbus discovered America while destined for India in search of spices that were highly prized in the West. In today’s world the story remains fairly unchanged, Indian cuisine, with its delicate blend of herbs and spices and radiant symphony of aromas and flavors, awakes the palate and is appreciated worldwide.

Experience Sindur, our Indian restaurant in Barcelona, located in Eixample Esquerre. Here you will encounter the world of spices representing Indian cuisine in a modern and elegant atmosphere.

Taste our rice and Tandoori dishes, alongside delicious curries in an intimate and stylish environment. Come to Sindur where we mix the powerful flavors of India with a sense of refinement. Our spicy Indian cuisine gives our customers exactly what they are looking for- a delicious meal in a sophisticated environment.

Exotic Catering Service

We choose to offer our clients high quality Indian cuisine in the Eixample Esquerre neighborhood of Barcelona. We also offer a catering service of our delicious Indian cuisine to help you celebrate a birthday, wedding or, corporate event. Do not hesitate, if you want to impress, choose our exotic catering service.

Indian cuisine at home

At Sindur we also offer our clients an Indian food delivery service for all of Barcelona. You can enjoy your favorite Indian dishes in the comfort of your own home.