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Exclusive Indian Cuisine in Barcelona

Indian cuisine is one of the tastiest in the world. One of our main goals in opening this Indian restaurant in Barcelona was to share the delicacy of Indian cuisine with the people of Barcelona.

Our intention from the beginning was that the people of Barcelona, with their discerning palates, would enjoy our varied Indian menu showcasing the diversity of cultures that have enriched India throughout history.

At Sindur we offer a daily menu that is ideal for sampling Indian food in Barcelona and experiencing some of the most famed dishes of India that have brought acclaim to Indian cuisine.

We also offer a tasting menu that allows our clients to savor the most mouth watering of Indian appetizers like our Papri Chaat, a savory wheat pancake topped with potatoes, tamarind sauce and yogurt, or our Shahi Samosa, a potato patty seasoned with spices, among other delicious treats. For the Main course we offer our signature dish: Chicken Tikka Masala, tender morsels of chicken flavored in exotic spices, marinated in creamy yogurt, and served in a rich tomato sauce.

As well as our special menus Sindur offers an extensive a la carte menu filled with dishes that provide insight into the intricacy of Indian cuisine. The menu is bursting with complex dishes of rice, legumes, and curries. All accompanied with our delicious Indian Lentils (daal), birani rice, and Naan, freshly made Indian bread.

Ready to taste the flavors of Indian cuisine in Barcelona? Visit our restaurant and taste the finest Indian cuisine in Barcelona. We are in the Eixample Esquerre of Barcelona, ​​near Hospital Clinic.

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