Daily Offers



An assortment of starters & traditional dishes offered to you by our Chef – ideal for those new to Indian Cuisine.
Available all throughout the week, lunch & dinner.

Starters – Included

Dahi Puri (V)

A classic indian appetizer, savoury wheat crackers filled with potato, yogurt and a tangy tamarind sauce.

Onion Pakora (V)

Lightly spiced onion fritters – battered in gram flour – fried till crisp.

Aloo Tikki (V)

Traditional Indian patties – mashed potato blended with spices & fresh coriander – stuffed with indian lentils.

Pollo Kebab – Murgh Kebab (V)

Tiernos trozos de pollo deshuesado, braseados en nuestro horno de barro – el tandoor.

Mains – Included

Chicken Tikka Masala

Our star dish – a delicate and smooth curry – succulent portions of boneless chicken marinated in a rich creamy yogurt & tomato based gravy.

Basmati Rice – Chawal

Long grained & aromatic – steamed – served plain -The King of rices.

‘Tadka’ Daal

A popular creamy yellow & orange lentil dish.

Our Tasting menu includes freshly baked bread served with our mains – prepared in our traditional clay oven.

Dessert Included – Drinks Not Included

Menu Medio En



En Sindur también disponemos de un menú mediodía de martes a viernes excepto festivos, que es ideal para acercarse a la comida hindú sin salir de Barcelona y probar algunos de los platos de la cocina india

Starters to Choose

Corn or Chicken Soup – Shorba (V)

Mildly spiced corn or chicken soup.

Hariali Salad – Paneer or Chicken Tikka (V)

Leafy Chicken Tikka or Paneer (home made cottage cheese) salad topped with mango, yellow lentils & fresh cilantro – served with a tangy indian salad dressing.

Lacha Onion Bajhia (V)

Gently spiced, crispy Indian fritters, made with onions and gram flour.

Street Food – Aloo Tikki Chaat (V)

Mumbai’s favourite! – Stuffed potato patty mounted with chickpea, yoghurt & tamarind salsa.

Mix Pakoda (V)

Assorted vegetables, dipped in chickpea batter blended with light spices, fried till crisp – served with a tangy sauce.

Mains to choose

Chicken Korma

Portions of chicken cooked with almonds, coconut & traditional spices – resulting in a smooth, rich & creamy curry with a sweet touch.

Chicken Curry

Deboned chicken bathed in a creamy smooth sauce.

Fish Curry – Machli Curry

Hake fish blneded with aromátic spices and a tomato based gravy.

Mutter Keema

Mughal origin – minced lamb blended with green peas & spices – intense flavour.

Miloni Sabzi (V)

Mix vegetables blended with traditional spices – cooked on slow fire.

Chana Masala (V)

A specialty from the Punjab region – chickpeas cooked in a rich spicy tomato sauce – topped with fresh coriander.

Palak Paneer (V)

Cubes of home made cheese – paneer in a puréed spinach sauce.

Eggplant – Bainghan Bharta (V)

Aubergines cooked with a tangy combination of ground spices, shallow fried & tosed in a peppery onion tomato masala.

Our daily menu includes freshly baked Naan bread & Bamati Chawal rice.

Dessert Included – Dessert or Tea/Coffee Included.
Drink Included – Water, Soft Drink, Beer or Wine.



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